Over the fast-paced internet world where everything is available in a broad pool of knowledge, finding a required study material comes out as a difficult task especially for college going students. Tutorialsduniya has been designed to solve these challenges where school and college going students can find their required study material. Here, we will delve into in-depth details on it that can help you to get introduced to it.

What is Tutorialsduniya?

Tutorialsduniya is an online web-portal crafted for the welfare of students where notes, question papers, previous question papers for government examination, class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, computer science notes, chemistry notes, maths notes, physics, biology, and whatnot! Basically, this website is coded to make all sorts of study materials available for common students so that they can use all sorts of study materials on their device in a quick process.

Founder Of Tutorialsduniya

Abhishek Sharma started Tutorialsduniya.com in May 2018 while he was pursuing his UG Course in Computer Science from Keshav Mahavidyalaya (Delhi University). In 2018, he began learning basic coding for websites by himself. But just like other college going students, he also faced difficulty due to lack of study materials and notes. Then, he has the idea to create a platform where all these materials are shared by students themselves.

Objective of the Platform

The main goal of the platform is to help students in the preparation of their exams. It provides quality materials to the students that helps them to improve and enhance their grades. Whether you are preparing for your school exams, college exams, or for any competitive government exams you will get a comprehensive set of study material. The variety of genres and high quality resources available on the site can be a helpful source for the students that they can access with a few clicks. 

Variety of Study Material Offered by the Site

Students need several study materials for having a strong preparation for their exams. Here we have given a list of materials that you can find on the website: 

  1. Notes
  2. Programs
  3. Tutorials
  4. Projects and more. 

Categories Available on Tutorialsduniya com

You can find different categories on the website. Where you can find the best offerings of the platform that we have mentioned below: 


In this category you can make numerous notes on the different genres of the subjects. It includes: 

  1. Chemistry Notes
  2. Physics Notes
  3. Electronics Notes
  4. Computer Science Notes
  5. Maths Notes
  6. Management Notes
  7. Commerce Notes
  8. BA Courses  

Free Courses

Students can enrol themselves into reputable courses and get certification through this site. The courses that you can find on it are as follows:

  1. Coursera Free Courses
  2. Udemy Free Courses
  3. Google Free Courses
  4. LinkedIn Learning Courses
  5. SkillShares Free Courses


Students require guidance for CBSE Exams and  this platform covers them here. It allows students to access various study materials for preparing for their exams. 

  1. NCERT Solutions
  2. CBSE Notes
  3. CBSE Syllabus
  4. CBSE Question Paper
  5. CBSE Sample Paper
  6. NCERT Exemplar
  7. NCERT Books
  8. CBSE Deleted Syllabus

Govt. Exam Papers

There are numerous students who appear in the government exams. They absolutely need resources to compete with others due to high competition. Thus, here you can get various helpful materials for your exam papers: 

  1. GATE Exams
  2. Defence Exams
  3. Law Exams
  4. MBA Exams
  5. Bank Exams
  6. Police Exams
  7. Insurance Exams
  8. Railway Exams
  9. Teaching Exams
  10. UPSC Exams
  11. SSC Exams

Tutorialsduniya Store

If you want to purchase any study material that you find useful for your preparation, then you can navigate through its store. You can find the store on the dashboard of the website and visit there to get your products. Here users can create their accounts, keep their interested products on cart and can purchase them at an affordable price. Most of the study materials are available at the price of less than rs 100. 

Contact Details

If any user is having any question or feedback, then they can connect with Tutorials duniya. For advertisement, business, promotion,you can reach them at abhishek@tutorialsduniya.com or tutorialsduniya@gmail.com


We have tried to describe as much about tutorialsduniya as we could. Through this post, our goal is to inform our audiences about these trendy developments ruling over the market. It’s an online web portal specially made for solving students’ queries related to study material or notes. This has been designed to make these significant parts available just in a few clicks. All that is required is to make payment which is different for several courses.