In this article, we’ll talk about the greatest SEO apps and you can use these SEO app options on Android.

SEO work is evolving with the increasing size and sophistication of mobile phones. Businesses now understand the importance of staying agile in SEO strategies due to ever-changing trends. That’s where an android SEO app shines, offering convenience on the go. Here are ten mobile SEO tools to boost your internet optimization efforts in 2024. And for TikTok enthusiasts looking to amplify their presence, platforms like TiktokStorm offer solutions tailored for followers, likes, and views.

1. Raven Tools

This is definitely in most users’ top three list of fantastic android SEO app options. You must first have a Raven premium account (otherwise the app will be useless), but once you do, you can download the free app and access all of your data for analyzing ROI and even following your social media activities. It’s one of the more advanced and thorough apps on the market

2. Google Analytics

This app is a must-have. It’s free, and it organizes the information you already have from Google Analytics on your phone. It helps you to link your SEO statistics to your revenue, provides KPIs such as time on site and total page views, and compares different indicators across time frames. This app is about as detailed as you can get from an app, therefore it’s a must-have in my opinion. Both Android (named “mAnalytics”) and Apple phones are supported.

3. SE Ranking PRO

With its newly released Android SEO app, you may now maximize SE Ranking on your mobile device. You now have access to your current rankings, ranking history, and on-site audit reports as a result of this.

This is just a sneak peek at the app, but it appears to be ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go but want to keep track of their SEO success. SE Ranking is a legitimate ranking tool, and now that you can install it on your Android phone, you may take advantage of their team’s ease.

The mobile app made checking the data we needed to examine for SEO easier and more efficient. Without the numerous buttons and info that isn’t really necessary for reports, everything we wanted to view was just a click away. It also aids you in identifying any on-site concerns that need to be addressed. 

4. SEOEdge

SEOEdge is a well-known SEO application for Android and iPod users. You may check your keyword ranking for any website in Google thanks to the availability of this mobile application.

It’s absolutely free, and you can acquire a lot of cool features by purchasing the pro pack within the app. You can also examine your keyword ranking in terms of backlinks and country.

5. iSEO

If you want to discover more about the ranks of different web pages throughout the Internet, this is an excellent tool to use. This Apple app will provide you with some amazing results in an easy-to-understand style whether you’re wanting to examine pages for guest posting opportunities or to study the competition. The best thing is that this $1.99 app allows you to email all of your discoveries and conclusions to others.

6. SEOCockpit

Keyword research is the focus of this app. The software will provide you with complete information on search competitiveness and volume for your input phrase or term by simply entering it in. The SEOCockpit mobile app is a mobile productivity tool that can help you with your SEO demands. By allowing you to browse existing keyword folders and ideas while using the app, you will be able to increase your productivity.

7. Ego

This is the app that many people refer to as the “big picture.” If you’re collecting data from a variety of sources, our software will assist you in bringing it all together into a unified, one-stop delivery. It will set you back $1.99.

8. SEO Automatic

This program is quite handy for analyzing server-side optimization and on-page elements in depth. The feature that distinguishes this mobile app is that it will provide you with recommendations based on the information it collects about the website.

Also included in the SEO automated software are warnings and applications for various web page elements such as alt tags and XML.

9. SEO Backlinks

Checking your links is a frequent SEO chore that ensures your website has the proper number of functional and traffic-generating links. With this in mind, it’s best to have an app that lets you keep track of your links when you’re on the go.

SEO Backlinks is a useful and dependable tool that lets you track your backlinks by just filling in your website’s URL. The program will instantly track and report the number of backlinks present on the website once you type in the URL. By tapping the “Continue” button, you may see the entire list of links.

The ability to immediately download a report that you can email to your coworkers or clients is one of the nicest features of this software. This is useful when you need to complete reports or checks while on the go.

10. Link Juice

This $1.99 Apple software is intended for advanced SEOs because it isn’t the most user-friendly, but it does provide useful information about specific URLs. Simply input in a domain or a site URL to get information on backlinks, domain authority, anchor text, and more. This is information that you might want to read on the move, so if you’re serious about SEO, it’s likely something you’ll use.

11. Trello

Apps and tools for productivity help you organize and schedule your daily duties, allowing you to work more efficiently. Trello is a productivity program that helps you arrange your work in a simple and efficient manner.

Trello is a task management program that allows you to list and organize your tasks using cards. Each card provides a variety of possibilities for adding more information, such as deadlines, side notes, tags, and comments.

Because of the level of flexibility and options available in your tasks, you can construct more extensive lists of what you’ll be doing throughout the day. The nicest feature about this software is that you can share your projects with your coworkers, allowing them to add more details and provide their perspectives. A good productivity tool has a simple layout and helps you to concentrate on your duties. Trello is a great tool to have on your phone or tablet because it keeps track of all of your daily chores.

12. SEO Keyword Checker

SEO Keyword Checker is one of the top SEO mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This tool provides you with useful information when working on SEO. It is free to use and assists in the analysis of web pages, as well as providing important information on keyword density and usage.

You can use this app on your phone to find out what keywords are being used on your website.

13. SEO Stats

In comparison to all others, this program is the best and easiest to use. It gives you extensive information on where you should stand when considering social media sites like Twitter, Digg, and Facebook. This software is available in a free version on the Google Play Store.

14. Sinium SEO

There are few Android SEO app options that can equal what Sinium SEO can achieve in terms of allowing you to access multiple tools and functionalities while on the road.

Overall, the software contains 53 separate tools that may be used to do tasks such as virus detection, page authority evaluation, grammar checking, link analysis, and much more. The tools are also speedy and efficient, with rapid loading times and immediate results.

This is a must-have app for the SEO professional on the move. With this many tools at your disposal, your device can now serve as a portable SEO toolkit that can handle a variety of tasks.

15 SEO SiteRank and SiteRank Lite

The best part about this software is that you can find out about PageRank and Alexa Rank while you’re exploring the web. It is available in both a premium and free edition.