While surfing on this vast Internet we at times come across a site that provides quality information. But due to some restrictions like geography or policy, we are not able to access the same. These frustrating situations can be handled seamlessly with the help of some efficient web proxies. Therefore, today here we are going to unleash a platform, Proxiyum. To gather the complete information related to the same, keep scrolling through this article and its provided information. 

Understanding Proxiyum

Proxiyum is a free web proxy that serves two major functions, SSL encryption and IP address concealment. One of the best parts about his platform is that you will not have to download any additional software in order to use the same. Once this web proxy is used, users get access to geo-blocked sites,  that too anonymously. Aside from all this users also get hold of content restricted on YouTube, Twitter, and Google, as the platform supports all these applications. 

Key Characteristics 

This web proxy has a long list of salient characteristics. Briefly mentioned here is the set that makes this platform stand apart from all the other competitors. 

  • SSL Encryption: We all know that every website uses SSL encryption. For a website that instead of SSL uses HTTP or HTTPS the proxy functionality enhances its security by utilizing one by itself. 
  • Anonymity: The proxy guarantees its users to provide anonymous web browsing. Because it makes sure to hide the local IP address of the user. 
  • OS Compatibility: Almost all the operating systems are seamlessly compatible with the web proxy services. 
  • Permalinks: This web proxy produces shareable permalinks that provide instant access to blocked websites, Asie to this, with the help of these functions sharing is made even simpler than what you have thought of. 
  • Unlimited Downloads: With this feature you not only get access to a plethora of sites, rather you can also download unlimited stuff from them.

Functionality of Proxiyum

After you visit the Proxyium.com website and make a request, the site directs your requests to its personal Web Proxy server, which has a unique IP address. When you use Proxiyum IP address instead of your own, all requests to the desired website are directed through the new IP address. Afterward, the service retrieves the answers from the designated website and returns them to you. The Proxiyum web proxy temporarily saves website content in cache memory. When looking at previously visited websites, this caching method reduces delay.

Accessing Proxiyum Seamlessly 

Now that you have so much about this free web proxy, let’s also explore the accessibility process. Therefore for seamless accessibility follow the mentioned steps here. 

  1. The very first step is to open any of your desired Browser on a device of your choice. 
  2. Once the Browser is opened, use the address bar to look for the official website. 
  3. As the results are presented to you, click on the one that directs to the official site. 
  4. After you enter the homepage, enter the URL that you wish to access in the input box. 
  5. You will be provided with multiple results, and click on the one that matches your interest. 

Reasons to Use Proxiyum

There are multiple reasons for you to surf through Proxiyum platform, listed here are some of the user-stated top ones. 

  • Caching: Through the utilization of caching, the platform user experiences a heightened level of network efficiency.
  • Access to Restricted Content: Stay one step ahead of geoblocking and unlock access to restricted content on websites and streaming platforms.
  • No Limits: There are no limitations on downloading any material.
  • Bypassing: Enables users to bypass restrictions by accessing third-party websites indirectly.
  • Web Standards: Oppose the prevailing web standards and open-source software.
  • Free of Cost: One of the best parts of this proxy is that you can utilize all the features of the platform at no cost.

Disclaimer: “All the information mentioned here is meant only for informational purposes. Accessing or using this Proxiyum is completely based on your preferences. Therefore, must visit the official website to understand it in complete detail.” 


With the help of Proxiyum, you will get access to unlimited restricted content, websites, resources, etc. Therefore you must have a complete set of information related to its usage, efficiency accessibility, and more. For the same, refer to the above-mentioned information to get a piece of quality information and a gist of the offerings. Hence, give a thorough read to all the details of the article.