We all love to listen to music, where few of us might listen just to relax while others may drown in music to stop hearing our inner voice. But have you ever wondered about making money while listening to songs, you may have been not? So, don’t worry today we are going to explore and bring forth to you some of the ways by which you can earn positive income with the use of Spotify and other ways. Therefore keep reading till the very end, as we unravel PlaylistPush. com, in brief for you. 

Understanding PlaylistPush. com

PlaylistPush. com is an amazing destination for both musicians and lovers of music. The platform pays you for listening to new songs and sharing your precious feedback, thereby helping the music to spread to new listeners. The greater number of listeners that you drive in on the platform and song, the higher is going to be your income. All you need to do is make a playlist on Spotify and videos on TikTok. This will enable artists to garner more listeners and popularity, while you can generate greater income. 

How Much Can You Earn from PlaylistPush. com?

If you are wondering about the amount that you can earn with the help of this platform. Then if you are a Spotify playlist creator then at first it may seem hard with the less followers. But once you are into it, you can add songs of the artist to your Spotify playlists. Then with each song play you get to earn $15. When it comes to TikTok creator, then with the use of each song in your videos, the number of likes you get, you earn up to $250. 

Process to Earn From PlaylistPush. com

Now that you are aware of the amount that you can get your hands on, then here’s the process that you can follow. 

  • Firstly you definitely need to make yourself in the list of playlistpush. com curator list. 
  • Once done, you will get several songs for review with a certain set of guidelines. 
  • You can share your precious feedback, or even create TikTok videos with the help of the same. 
  • Aside from these two options, you can even step ahead to earn from the referral process. 
  • In the referral process, you need to refer your friends, and family to access this platform. 

Requirements to Fulfill 

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill while accessing this platform. Read the below-mentioned information to know about the same in detail. 

For Spotify Playlist Curators

  1. You need to have a least follower count of 1,000 for each playlist that you create. 
  2. The playlist that you create must have 30 people listening or a 1% listening rate. 
  3. You must be aware of not using any fake or bot followers. 
  4. As a playlist curator, you must abide by each set of rules and regulations. 

Note: As of now the application to join the same, has been closed, you will be notified. 

For TikTok Creators

  1. You need to have at least thirty thousand followers on your TikTok Account. 
  2. All your videos or content that you create must have a goof amount of views. 

Note: Currently there’s a queue for the TikTok creators, you must wait for the next notification.

Unleashing its Positive Side

There are numerous benefits of using this platform, and explored here are the top most applauded benefits. 

  • Perks of Fame: You don’t need to delay your payments. You receive immediate payment upon a review being approved.
  • Fast Payment: If you possess a popular playlist or a large TikTok audience. Making money is a simpler task.
  • Promotion of New Artists: Switching to new artists can assist in bringing attention to emerging talents. While they are uploading music, they attract a large number of listeners.
  • Friendly Interface: The site has a simple design. Featuring intuitive functions and simple navigation. It simplifies things for users. In order to discover what they seek. It appears visually appealing as well.

Viewing Few Backlashes

Like every other thing, this site also has some of the dark sides, listed here are some. 

  • Slow Enrollment Process: Individuals experience setbacks in the process of signing up. They might discover that it requires a significant amount of time.
  • No Mobile Application: No mobile application is needed, since it is simple to use on a smartphone. There is no mobile app available.
  • Hard Work: You must put in more effort in order to make money. In comparison to other websites. It is important to stay engaged in order to monitor the advancement. Also, connect with the current patterns. So that a greater number of individuals can establish a connection with you.

Is PlaylistPush. com Legal or Not?

Indeed, PlaylistPush. com is a legitimate platform for content creators to earn income. However, being admitted is not easy. It could serve as a legitimate method for musicians to make additional income. It is a huge online platform for advertising music on Spotify. There are more than 4,000 playlists available for you to add your songs to. Up to 150 million listeners can access these playlists.

Disclaimer: “All the information is meant for informational purposes only. In order to get your hands on the opportunities on this site, must refer to the official website.” 


PlaylistPush. com is your ultimate destination from you can listen to soothing songs. Wherein you can also express your views, and feedback and earn a positive income. To get a proper gist of the site, refer to the provided information in this blog.