In the growing world, Skin disease is one of the most faced issues. Whether it is just rashes or any other serious issue. The solution to all the skin diseases is composed and sealed in one tube. Here, we are talking about Medisalic Ointment, a solution to skin disease. In this article we dive deep to know its composition, usage and more information. 


Medisalic Ointment is a combination of various Medicines. It is used to treat various skin problems. Such as Eczema, a condition when skin becomes dry, bumpy and itchy. It also helps with swelling of the skin, dryness and red patches. Well, moreover it softens the skin and removes dead cells. And it also rejuvenates the skin. 

How it works

The Medisalic Ointment contains Clobetasol Propionate and Salicylic acid. Here, Clobetasol Propionate means an anti-inflammatory medicine that blocks the production of prostaglandins hormones. These hormones make the area red, swollen and itchy. Now, Salicylic acid is a keratolytic medicine. It softens, separates and causes peeling of the skin layer. It also increases skin moisture. It dissolves the substance that causes the skin cells to stick together. These two compounds mix together to reduce inflammation and Itchiness and also promote healthy skin cells. 

Uses of Medisalic

Medisalic medicine is used for various skin treatments. Some of the skin condition it is used for are: 

  • Eczema: This Skin condition causes Itchy, dry and inflamed patches
  • Psoriasis: This skin disease causes red and bumpy patches which are covered with white scales.
  • Dermatitis: The skin disease leads to redness and itching. 
  • Allergic Reaction: The skin disease results in Itching,rash or hives. In this condition the body reacts to allergic reactions.
  • Acne: The skin issue consists of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. 
  • Calluses: The skin thickens due to repeated friction and pressure
  • Corns: The hardened skin condition on toes and soles of the feet. It is caused by pressure or rubbing
  • Warts: The skin condition where small growths can be seen on the skin by a viral infection
  • Dandruff: The flaky hair scalp due to excessive shedding of dead skin cells
  • Ichthyosis: It is a Genetic disorder that causes dry and scaly skin. Which looks like a fish scales.  

Direction of Use

Applying liquid medicine on any affected or infected area is simple. But one needs to keep some important points in mind to do so. These points are as follows: 

  • Wash your hands before applying the medicine
  • Clean the affected area and Dry it well
  • Apply the ointment as instructed by the Doctor or the Specialist
  • Massage the Ointment on the affected area as well
  • Consult the Doctor for a specific amount and duration of use. 
  • Do not apply on the face or any sensitive area
  • Consulted the Doctor if condition does not improve

Side Effects

Using any Medicine with or without Doctor’s permission has its share of side effects. So, mentioned below are some of the side effects of using Medisalic Ointment: 

  • Itching: One may feel mild sensation or itching when applied on the skin
  • Dryness: The affected area where medicine is used, may become dry. 
  • Burning Sensation: The patient or user may feel a burning sensation when applied. 

Managing the Side Effects

Some of the natural ways one can use to get rid of these side effects are as follows: 

  • For Itching: Keep the affected area of the skin moisturized. Apply a fragrance free moisturizer after washing the affected area well.    
  • For Dryness: Throughout the day drink enough water. Stay hydrated and apply a moisturizing cream to keep the skin hydrated.
  • For Burning Sensation: Wash the affected area or do a cold compress. If any discomfort is raised after applying the medicine.  

Interaction to be Kept in Mind

Some of the necessary points one need to keep in mind when using Medisalic Ointment are as follows: 

  • The Medicine may react with other anti-inflammatory medicine. 
  • It may also react with medicines containing Salicylic acid. Such as the Acne creams
  • Till date there is no known food reaction with the ointment
  • If the patient has any skin infection, do inform the doctor beforehand. 
  • Store the ointment below 30 degree celsius temperature in a cool, dry place


The Medisalic Ointment is a dermatological medicine. It is used to treat various types of skin diseases and issues. Well, it is quite useful when it comes to keeping the skin healthy. But, at the same point it has its own share of side effects and drawbacks. So, before using the ointment consult your dermatologist or the specialist.