Loans have acted as major support for all the citizens from various countries. But while we are needed we tend to pick anything served to us. While we choose loan brands and apps, the FCCPC has taken the initiative to approve some of the legit ones. In this blog, we are going to learn about a list of loan apps approved by CBN.  Which will help you make your decision for choosing your next brand. 

List of Loan Apps Approved by CBN

Prior to listing the apps approved by CBN, it is pivotal to understand a few things about CBN’s decision. CBN the Central Bank of Nigeria along with the Federal Competition and Consumption Protection Commission has issued a list of newly approved loan apps. This decision was taken so that consumers can get help in a secure way. Under this list, there are some 154 companies in Nigeria after making the list clean. Apart from this the commission also approved somewhat 40 loan apps and almost 20 are on the watchlist. 

Mentioned here is the list of loan apps approved by CBN. 

Cashlawn AppNut Loan App
Easynaira AppNairaeasy Gist Loan App
Cashpal AppCamelloan App
Crediting AppNairaloan App
Yoyi AppMoenytreefinance Made Easy App
Cashme AppSecucash App
Crimson Credit AppCreditebox App
Galaxy Credit AppEase Cash App
Xcredit Imoney
Naira NaijaGetloan

Things to Pay Attention while Applying for a Loan 

We completely understand that whenever you are choosing any loan application, you will definitely have complete knowledge of your choices. Yet to remind you to give some special attention to crucial things we have mentioned them here. 

  • The foremost thing that you must pay attention to is the Terms and Conditions of the app. 
  • Make sure to be fully aware of the Interest rate that is being implemented. 
  • Be sure of any kind of service fee, or one-time processing fee. 
  • Evaluate their customer service and support system to avoid any last-minute rush. 

Is Loan Helpful?

Whenever someone thinks of getting a loan, this question of whether it’s helpful or necessary pops up. Then let’s evaluate it for you, loans can prove highly useful when it comes to investing in bigger events like Business setup, marriages, building homes, etc. Loans prove hugely beneficial when it comes to support when you are in need of funds. You can get help from banks for loans, and pay them back as per the given duration of time.